A Multitude of choices

The New Address of Shopping Extravaganza

The Granada Center is striving to create a shopping extravaganza that includes a multitude of options that go far beyond just shopping. Dining, recreation and entertainment options are just a few of the areas being developed in order to bring about a more complete mall experience.

Bring Your Kids Along, They Won’t Get bored

We have exclusively designed areas for kids where they can have fun and enjoyment in a completely relaxing and safe environment. Parents can leave their children in the attractive play area, while they fully engross themselves in the Granada Center shopping experience.

Family Entertainment Options

While shopping together with your family, you can spend quality time relaxing and having fun together. Besides shopping for your favorite items, you can enjoy a multitude of family entertainment options.

A Joyous Outing for All

The Granada Center is a place to enjoy with your family and friends. We have a number of fun-filled activities for all. All of you will find that you have less time to enjoy all the activities, on a single day.