The Future of Shopping

Your Ultimate Shopping Destination

The Granada Center is the future of shopping! Besides being a haven for traditional retailers, the Granada Center is constantly on the look for new and innovative retailing strategies.

Know Beforehand Where to Find What You are Looking for

The Granada Center is pursuing a strategy of multi-channel retailing that brings forth an integrated shopping experience ensuring the advantage of affordability to its customers. At the Granada Center, consumers will find physical store locations that can offer an information-rich experience by providing a wide variety of product availability information online for the consumers coming to Riyadh from remote locations.

Tech-savvy Retailers

The Granada Center is endeavoring to turn traditional retailers into technology-­savvy sellers by establishing an online connection between retailers and consumers. The Center is prepared to provide simple, straight forward meth­odologies for instructing retailers on how to embrace the latest e-commerce strategies, so they won’t have to recruit new employees specifically trained in e-commerce.

An Entertaining and Exciting Shopping Experience

The Granada Center will enable traditional retailers to transform internet retailing opportunities into a vital profit making tool, by developing the concept that shopping should be combination of both functionality and entertainment.

Custom Shopping Experience

At the Granada Center, the future of shopping means engaging in technological endeavors that allow each and every customer to develop their own unique shopping experience. The Center is investing in new smart phone applications that will enable customers to shape their own personal shopping experience.