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Granada Center Ushers in the 21st Century as the First Commercial Center to Offer free internet Service to Customers

Riyadh's largest single, unified grid of free internet service, Granada Center, will permeate an incredible 140,000 sq. m of the city's primest real estate. Granada Center will become the first mall in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide free internet throughout the entire premise. Customers coming to the Granada Center will be able to access the internet absolutely free via their smart phones and laptops.

Visitors to the Granada Center, located on the corner of exit nine and the East Ring road, will not only be able to access the Center's portal and surf the internet for free, but receive vital information about the Center itself and its special programs, as well as information about the five anchor stores and the 235 individual shops, and the special sales they will be having.

The Granada Center will allow shoppers to stay in touch with family and friends for free, as they stroll through the luxurious corridors of the one of the country's largest malls.  Children will be able to enjoy the latest online video games absolutely free of charge, while their parents receive on the spot updates concerning the latest merchandise available for sale.

With one of the fastest internet service connections available in the city, visitors to the Granada Center will not have to fear about running out of cash, as they can instantaneously access their bank accounts through the internet and recharge their debit and credit cards; nor, will they have to ever worry about getting lost as specially designed applications will be available for each individual shop providing exact details of its location.

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